Availability to our customers worldwide, local contact people, short delivery times and top products – these are our standards. In order to achieve this, we focus on our traditional strengths – high quality, progressiveness, reliability and especially customer-orientation. 

As a direct supplier and development partner for the automotive sector, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide as a market leader for balancing wheel weights. We are thus well acquainted with OEM structures, processes and procedures. We have been on the market for more than 40 years as a manufacturer of battery terminals. 

Our sound expertise makes it possible for us to accompany battery manufacturers and cover suppliers worldwide. Working closely together with our customers, we develop and produce battery terminals for diverse applications. The special surface finish for the longest possible protection against oxidation as well as the advanced undercut which provides a permanent sealing effect are only a few of the product properties that our customers like about our terminals. Our qualified development team is ready to advise our customers in the preliminary stages of product development and accompany them in obtaining a tailor-made solution. We ensure quality standards guided by our R&D Department and can nevertheless respond to the various market needs locally. Our customers appreciate that and gladly depend on our competence.